Could Mocha have helped?

I just wrapped on a job that had some difficult tracking and stabilizing scenarios and I am wondering if/how I could have used Mocha to improve my workflow and quality of results.

The first difficult shot consisted of a shoe held in place with pins in the sole, rotating from around the pins and shot in front of a green screen. The shoe was intentionally shot with the pins placed off center so the shoe’s rotation was exaggerated.

The second challenging shot was a similar setup, but the shoe was pinned in the heel and rotated such that the toe box would move from the left side of frame to the right and back again as it completed its full rotation.

In post, the client decides they do not like the look of the off center rotations and want the shots to look as if the shoes are rotating on center and floating locked in place. I ended up essentially creating stabilized precomps by hand, adjusting the position, rotation and skew in order to offset the rotational point and keep the shoe as locked in as possible.

The results looks good, considering the ask, but the client complained that there was still some wobble and float to the shots. How could I have implemented mocha in this scenario to improve my results? Is it possible to use mocha exclusively in this situation? Thx

Did you use adjust track to fix any wobble? Have you tried that?

Hey Mary -

This was all done manually by hand. The shoes were all rotating 360 degrees and designed to orbit off axis. The client decided in post that they wanted the shoes to orbit around a single axis and float in place. Since there was so much inherent movement, I was unable to get desired results with mocha.

I’m wondering how or if I could have used mocha in this situation

You might look into tracking translation only? That might help some.