"Could not allocate memory for deinterlaced image" error?

I am tearing my hair out over my inability to render Removes or Inserts in Mocha Pro. If I render an insert or remove on a single frame, by clicking the “Track Current Frame” gear icon, it renders fine. But if I try to Render Forwards/Backwards, it immediately fails with the following error message:

“Failed to save image: Could not allocate memory for deinterlaced image”

I’m working with 1080p23.98 ProRes HQ source media, so there is no interlacing to speak of, and the “Interlaced” option for both the insert/remove clip (a TIF created by Mocha Pro) as well as the source ProRes media.

My configuration: Mocha Pro 5.5.2 build 13566 on macOS 10.12.6, running NVIDIA 6GB GTX 980ti + 6GB GTX 780

Here is my imagineer.log results during a typical failed render:

I had some odd issues recently using a full HD Prorez source with a Remove shot as well. I ended up converted the mov to an image sequence in AE first, then Mocha Pro was quite happy. I wanted to use the DPX format but the ones Mocha renders aren’t accepted by AE for some reason unfortunately (well, they’re 16 bit instead of 10 bit), so used 16 bit TIF’s instead & they worked just fine. Tech support is aware of the DPX issue.

Anyway, you might give that a try anyway.

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I looked at the log file but it doesn’t mention the error message. Can you please send your entire log file? There are three places in our code that could produce that error message, and there will be extra information in the log to isolate it.

From the log, it looks like your computer is a 2010 Mac Pro, how much RAM do you have?

One thing that might be worth trying is to reduce the percentage of memory Mocha uses. You currently have this set to 89%, which is quite high. If there are other applications open on your system, this could cause it to experience high memory pressure which can cause problems like this. Please try reducing it to 50% or even lower and see if it makes a difference.

Here’s a link to the complete log file:

My MacPro5,1 is running 64 GB of system RAM.

I’ll try reducing the RAM. This is obviously a very counterintuitive setting, because my first thought was that Mocha was barfing on the render because it didn’t have enough RAM allocated to it.

I just tried reducing the Max Memory Usage to 20%, and I’m still getting the error.

mdwhitney does bring up an interesting possibility regarding ProRes being the problem, though. I vaguely recall in the early days of Mocha having issues with ProRes media that went away when converting it to a different format. I’ll try converting to an image sequence and see if that solves it.

Well Eureka!

Turns out the issue is the fact that my source clip is a ProRes .mov file.

When I converted the clip into a DPX sequence, loaded it in and used it as the BG clip in the Insert module, it renders forward as expected.

Please consider this a bug-report, I suppose! It’s a real drag to have to convert my clips to DPX sequences every time I need to do an Insert/Remove.

Glad you have a workaround although ProRes should definitely work. Could you please share or PM me a short test clip that exhibits this problem so I can attach it to the bug report?