"Could not assign a valid set of four reference points"

“Could not assign a valid set of four reference points”
Like this topic title, I am so confused why this happened?
In this case, when I want to use surface tool, even though this icon was highlighted, I could not see surface tool appeared.
I guess it might be far far far away from my render window. Because i noticed that there was one reference point of “adjust track” missing when I zoomed out to minimum size for the region of render window.
What is wrong with my operation? In what case or wrong operation will I encounter this problem?

If you can’t find the tool, that’s a bad sign. Try turning on the “align surface” button and seeing what the surface does.

Sounds like your surface tool is going behind the camera. Turn on your surface tool and see if it is disappearing. If it is, the surface is going behind the camera. Try tracking shear only instead of perspective during the extreme turn or using manual track to get past it. It is likely that the track is bad.

Or you haven’t set initial reference points for adjust track. See our documentation on Adjust Track workflows: Boris FX | Mocha V5.6.0 User Guide