Could not open image from ligthroom

I have a problem with opening an image directly from Lightroom.

When i choose “edit a copy with lightroom adjustments” in Optics it says
“Could not open image from Lightroom xxxxx”

It is a tiff file in srgb, 16 bit, res 240 and no compression.

However if I choose to open the image from Lightroom to Photoshop, then edit image from photoshop
to Optics, edit the image in Optics and save it back to Photoshop and then save it it turns up as usual with all edits in Lightroom.

What am I doing wrong? as you understand I do not want to go through Photoshop to do the edits :slight_smile:

Welcome @miccar68
Does the image path include accented characters? If so, if you remove the accented character, does the image open as expected in Optics?

The only characters is underscore ex. _DSC4029.NEF (nikon RAW file)

I can open the file in Optics directly from Photoshop, does not work when I try the
same thing via Lightroom?

Hi again!

Removing the underscore character solved the problem in lightroom.

Sadly all raw files is imported with the underscore character atleast with
nikon raw files. I assume this is a bug?

Yes, this is a bug. Can you let me know if you are using Windows or Mac?



Thank you for your help!

Den mån 5 okt. 2020 16:31Silhouette/Optics Product Manager / Designer via Boris FX Forum <> skrev:

We will see what we can do on our end.

Nikon uses “DSC_” when saving to sRGB, but use “_DSC” to indicate that the image was shot with Adobe RGB (1998) color space.

Note that you can rename the files on import to Lightroom so that the “_” is not used as the first character in the filename.

Hi Marco!

Tried that and it worked like a charm!

Thank you!