Could not read cache?

Hi tracking some 4k shots for some removal…
all was going well…my main shapes were tracked, background tracked and the remove was going perfect…
now i wanted to track an additional shape for a later remove…
and bang…getting error messages like “can’t read cache file” and “can’t find valid memory buffer”
as well my previously rendered remove has now disappeared and is back to the original.
I am re -rendering the remove…but every time i try to track another layer i get the error message…I am assuming the file is corrupt somehow and i actually want to remove quite a few things…
any help would be appreciated

Much like any visual effects software, we recommend you save often and in versions, can you use the backup file from before you added that shape?
Otherwise, please email me the file and the mocha log file and I’ll see what I can find out of it.

I agree, you’re always welcome to send us the file for us to take a look at!

i can try the backup file…thanks
it’s just interesting the remove module still works but no more tracking…within this project at least

I had a couple of shots last week that wouldn’t let me track existing or new layers after closing and reopening. Creating a new project worked. Seemed like it was reading a different file than it was displaying.
No errors, but sounds similar, otherwise. OSX with 2.5.2