Crash due to Single Point Shapes

Hi there,

I wrote a script where it helps export .nk for all the Layers on the root level to a folder. I noticed that the moment there is a Single Point Shape in the layer, the program crashes. Is there a syntax so that I can check if each Shape is not a Single Point Shape like how the File > Export works?

Not sure if this is helpful or what you are looking for, but you can find single point shapes by going to the menu. Action>Select>Single-point Shapes. Then delete them.

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Thanks Katie. I understand there is an option for that. Just wanted to have a check before initiating the export script as it causes Silhouette to crash.

@EugeneMatthew What version of Silhouette are you using?

Hey @marco, currently using 2020.0.3.

@paul.miller will need to comment on this.

It’s fairly atypical to end up with single point shapes. My recommendation is to run the Action that Katie mentioned. We can add some code to the Nuke exporter to have it filter out single-point shapes in an update.


Thanks Paul. Sounds good. We do get it pretty often, especially when the schedules are tight and our muscle memory gets a bit glitchy haha.