Crash during replacement render

Trying to do a Replacement and getting a crash every time I hit render. This is 2020 Pro version for After Effects (Mac). I’ve rebooted the computer, checked the memory allocation in Mocha Pro which is at 80%. Everytime I hit that render cog in the replacement tab, it crashes. Thoughts?

This sounds like possibly a GPU issue.

Can you send us:

  1. The Mocha log from the Help menu
  2. The crash report when AE crashes

You can send these directly to me: martinb [at]

Thank you for your quick response! You guys are really great. Hope this helps.

(Attachment ae log.rtf is missing)

(Attachment imagineer.log is missing)

Hi, those attachments didn’t come through, please email them to my direct email address listed above.

Hi Martin!

I resent those logs to your email address above. Did you receive them? - correct?