Crash Report when rendering 2 Mocha Pro FX in the same clip

Platform: Adobe Pr v15.1
OS: Windows 10 (10.0.19042)

I have two Mocha Pro FX added to a single clip. Both are using “Insert: Composite” where one is set to Video 1 and the other to Video 2.

4K Video source (MP4).

Tracking has been completed in both Mocha Pro FX.

Trigger the error I simply hit “Enter” to render out the FX in my sequence. Gets to about 90% complete and then triggers a Adobe Pr crash report.

I don’t have a problem if I’m just using ONE Mocha Pro FX in a clip, but when I add more than ONE Mocha Pro FX stability is 50/50.

Cheers, Rob.

Problem has become more serious … I can’t open the project now. Adobe Pr immediately crashes when I try to simply open the project.

… more attempts, I was able to open the project by first opening another project, then opening my project with 2X Mocha Pro FX in clip.

I deleted one of the Mocha Pro FX in my clip and removed the nested … saved the project … now it is rendering.

So is there a know issue with trying to use 2 or more Mocha Pro FX in a singled clip reference different video tracks as composite out?

Cheers, Rob.

The second plugin should technically render over the first instead of feeding in the output of the previous render, but this is interesting to see it behaves. When I try the same kind of render it seems to work without crashing.

Can you send us your log from Mocha? There may be some information to glean from the output.

You may be better off doing this in two separate passes, nesting the first insert render and then applying the second insert to the nested comp.

An alternative is to do all your inserts in one Mocha effect and import image sequences of the inserts externally from disk.

Both are viable options.

I may have narrowed the problem down, I have two nested sequences with the same name in my project, this seems to be confusing Mocha Pro. Only ONE of the sequences is referenced in the timeline.

I’m assuming internally Adobe uses some unique identifier for any sequence (nested or not) and the actual name of the sequence isn’t that relevant. But perhaps Mocha Pro is working off a name rather than unique internal ID and got confused?

Cheers, Rob.

Some additional information:

If I use a Mocha Pro FX in any of my Adobe Pr v15.1 projects, when I exit Pr the UI closes but Pr is still executing in the background (per Task Manager). It’s as if Mocha Pro FX is holding onto resources that prevents Pr from terminating.

I tested with a project that doesn’t use Mocha Pro FX and I don’t have an issue, everything terminates correctly when I exit Pr.

I think something is definitely not working correctly in Mocha Pro FX … this issue and the frame counter that doesn’t match up to Pr.

Cheers, Rob.

As far as log, are you talking about the UsageLog (usage_data_borisfx_pr.txt)? Or is there some other log? If so where is that log located?

usage_data_borisfx_pr.txt (73.8 KB)

This problem is becoming much more “annoying” now and it doesn’t seem to be related to having two Mocha Pro FX in a single clip … it’s happening with just one Mocha Pro FX in a clip.

To replicate:

  1. Add Mocha Pro to a clip
  2. Add Transparent video with BCC Type On Text add some text
  3. Make the Transparent video clip nested
  4. Click on Mocha Pro
  5. In Mocha Pro, Setup a basic track nothing fancy (Translation and Scale) and set Insert Clip to “Insert Layer” and save
  6. In Pr set Mocha Pro FX to “Insert: Composite” “Insert Layer Video 1” “Render checked”
  7. Hit “Enter” to render FX
  8. Save project and exit Pr
  9. Load the Pr and the same project, wait for 30 seconds
  10. Click on the clip with Mocha Pro FX
  11. Click on the “MOCHA” icon/image

And this is when I get a crash to desktop and Pr window closes. HOWEVER, important to note that if I bring up Task Manager, it list Pr as still executing and consuming about 16GB of RAM. As a programmer (34+ years) this tells me it’s very likely Mocha Pro has not disposed of some resources correctly which is preventing Pr from properly terminating.

There was an error in the OS Event Log pointing to “Continuum_3DObjects_AE.dll” which I’m assuming is related to BCC Type On Text FX … perhaps Mocha Pro and BCC Type On Text don’t seem to get along.

I really really would like someone to look at this, I can’t continue my work with Mocha Pro when it’s a 50/50 chance I’ll crash to desktop.


Cheers, Rob.

The log that will help us narrow it down is this one:
C:\Users\[username]\AppData\Local\Imagineer Systems Ltd\imagineer.log

But yes, if you’re seeing the error in the Continuum dll this means there may be a problem there.
I’ve tried reproducing the problem with your steps, but so far i’ve not been able to get it to crash in the same way.

@jclement from the Continuum team may have some insight as to what is happening here.

Hi, Rob,

I wonder if you could try a few experiments to help narrow this down. Firstly, could you try creating the same setup but skip using the BCC Type on Text effect? That would help us understand if it is Continuum or Mocha.

Secondly, could you send us a project file (without media) to make sure our test setup matches yours?

Thirdly, since you were a programmer it would be great if you could generate a crash dump for us. We have not yet been able to reproduce the issue in house so it is difficult to narrow down. Since Windows does not by default store crash dumps locally we have a script to set a registry flag that enables local storage of crash dumps:

-Download the zip file called “” from this link:
-An inverse script to disable this option if desired can be found here:
-Unzip the Enabler file
-Run the “CrashDumpEnabler.reg” file it contains. Just double click the file and it should automatically launch Registry Editor to modify your registry entries. It can be viewed in a text editor if desired to see what it is changing. Answer “yes” for any prompts where windows asks you if you really want to run this file.
-Run Premiere and reproduce the crash
-Open Windows Explorer and navigate to the system crash dump folder which should be on a path something like this: “C:\Users\YOUR_ACCOUNT_NAME\AppData\Local\CrashDumps”
-Look inside for the one with the newest modification date (should be large files called something like “Adobe Premiere Pro.exe.####.dmp”.)
-Zip the crash report and email directly to me or anyone else in the company or if the file is too large for your email system just use a google drive, dropbox, etc. link.
-Lastly it is important to know the EXACT version of the Boris FX product(s) you were running at the time of the crash so please include specific version details.

Jason Clement

Hi Jason,

I did run a test without BCC Type of Text, used BCC Extruded Text FX instead without error. I’ve downloaded your CrashDump files and will proceed and report back.

Adobe just release an update today for Pr … so I’m using V15.2.0 (Build 35).

Cheers, Rob.

I updated to BCC 14.0.3 today. Ran about 6 hours of testing using BCC Type On Text in a nested sequence and two instances of Mocha Pro in the same clip and I had no issues at all.

So I’m not sure if it was the Adobe Pr V15.2.0 build 35 or BCC 14.0.3 build that has possibly fixed my issue? I had your logging enabled, but no errors triggered.

Performance is not great, but I’ll fight that battle another day.

Cheers, Rob.