Crash when opening project

Silhuette crashes a few seconds after opening a previous project.
It was created with the same version 2021.5.0
I tried to open various backup files but it crashes on all of them.
The file path of the sources has changed, so they would be offline.
Is there are process or trick how I can get the project to open?
Thank you.

Can you attach your project without media?

Hi Marco,

here is the project that crashes. (789 KB)

@georgedei There were two nodes that didn’t like having empty inputs, so they were disabled. Please re-enable them once you reconnect the source media. (809.6 KB)

that worked, thank you

Unfortunately, I have the exact same problem with 2 other projects.
The media has moved to a different file path and now Silhuette crashes after opening the project.
I don’t have a chance to update the media path.
Would you be able to fix up the 2 attached projects so I can open them?


-George (272 KB) (598 KB)

Here you go: (272.2 KB) (600.9 KB)

Reconnect the media and then enable the nodes.

one more to convert please.
In this case I moved project and media to original location but it didn’t help, still crashes.
Hopefully the last one.

George (2.65 MB)

The location you moved the media must be slightly off, otherwise it would work. Here’s the fixed project. (2.7 MB)

Hi Marco,
Would you mind sharing the name of those two nodes?

The two nodes were Sharpen and Net. We believe this affected other nodes that contain blurs. This will be fixed in the next release of Silhouette.