Crashing Avid when launching mocha Pixel Chooser

Everything was working fine with pixel chooser in avid until I updated Mocha to 8.01 which works fine in Avid but now anytime I launch mocha from continuum pixel chooser, avid immediately crashes. I’ve reinstalled Mocha 8.0 but still have the problem. I’ve tried reinstalling Continuum 14.01 but still have the problem. I’m on Mac OS Catalina and Avid 2020.10

That is an odd one. There is really shouldn’t be an interaction between Mocha Pro and the Mocha PixelChooser that is part of Continuum. Can you try a few things:

  1. Uninstall Mocha Pro temporarily but leave Continuum installed. Does it still crash?

  2. Please send the BCC and mocha log files:
    Note, when sending those, please zip and send them offlist via private message through the forum or email to: jclement at borisfx dot com

  3. It would be great to get a mac crash report from your system, but Avid makes us jump through a few hoops. Here is now to get a crash log that we can read:

  • Launch Media Composer and open the Avid Console from within the Tools menu in Media Composer.
  • Type this in the Console and hit enter:
  • ToggleBreakpad
  • The Consolde will report “Disabling Breakpad exception reporting. Restart Media Composer for this change to take effect.”
  • Relaunch Media Composer and reproduce the crash. Then gather the “normal” mac crash log. Send this along to us and if you have any questions about how to gather the info please let us know.
  • If desired you can then re-enter the “ToggleBreakpad” command to restore Avid’s own custom crash log handling.
  1. Try setting aside your preference file in case it became corrupted:
    /Users/YOUR_USER_NAME/Library/Preferences/com.imagineersystems.Mocha Continuum 2021.plist
    Zip it and put it on your desktop. For good measure it might be worth rebooting at this point. Then if this solves the problem, please send us the damaged plist for analysis


Thank you, how do I completely uninstall Mocha Pro, there doesn’t seem to be an uninstaller

Sorry, yes, Mocha Pro does not have an uninstaller on mac. To remove the Avid plugin version of Mocha Pro just delete (or temporarily set aside) the Mocha AVX plugin file found here:
Library/Application Support/Avid/AVX2_Plug-ins/BorisFX/MochaPro2021

So removing the preference files seems to have resolved the issue. I’m back on Mocha Pro 20201 8.01 and I’ve been able to open both Mocha Pro and Continuum Pixel chooser Mocha without issue so seems to have resolved the issues. I emailed you log files and 3 Plist files. Thank you for your help. I’m on a deadline today and needed to get back working.

What I am doing wrong here? I can’t see anything inside the Mocha Pro window when I click on “Launch Mocha Pro”. I see all the tools but they are not “available” (G. out) and there is no video image inside. I need to remove a reflection from the back of a car’s side mirror. I own BorisFX 13.02 Continuum and also Saphire. Can you advise? Avid Media Composer on a MacPro 2019 192GB RAM 16-Cores tower. Thanks