Crashing Mac whilst render or exporting in Premier Pro

Hi approximatley a monthy ago AMe started ramonly crash Mac , then it would export.
some tech info Mac pro late 2019 ,96 G Ram, 16 Gb graphic card Os 13.4.1
Premier pro 23.3.0 move version back to see if would help
I removed the plugin from PP & exported no problem
I also disable GPU rendering on Boris plug in & still didnt export also crashed whilst render timeline in PP

Any advice please

Hi there,

Sorry to hear that you’re encountering export issues in AME. Do you know what change occurred to trigger the crashing? A host software update perhaps? There’s a log file that Continuum generates that should catch crash information and perhaps we can start by having you send that over to us. We’ll comb through the log file to see if (1) the crash is logged and 2) where the crash is occurring.

You can find the log file here : /MacintoshHD/Users/(username)/Library/logs/borisfx/bcc.log

And you can send that to me privately here : petermborisfxcom.


hHi peter the email address you gave seems not to work it appears that @ is missing i tried to insert after m
but still no luck
also log there’s no library in username

sent it it need . before com

Thanks Mark - I have the logs now however they’re empty. I’ll need a log after you experience the crash - that’s when the filters will write something into them. Would you mind please reproducing the crash on your system and then resending me the log files after the crash? The log filename should be “bcc.log”.

Also, can you please tell me what version of Continuum you are using? Is it the most recent download from the website? If so that’ll be BCC 2023.5.



The crashing issues with newer Adobe Media Encoder combined with Continuum have been resolved in the latest Continuum 2023.5 v16.5.2 maintenance release. Please let us know if you see any further issues.


hi the problem has returned it only work that time
it has crash then exported another time but now i cant seem to export

Hi, Menachem,

Can you please email your latest bcc.log file? You can email it to jclement at borisfx dot com

Also can you please give detailed steps for how you reproduce the problem. We are not able to reproduce the issue, so need as much info as possible for how to make it happen.


thank you for getting back to me i’ll email soon with the detail