Crashing update

Title: MochaPro2019.5 for Avid has caused my Media Composer to crash when opening the interface. This is now occurring after a reinstall.

Version: MochaPro2019.5-AVX-6.1.2-41.g9c944d33af77.mac

Platform: Mac Pro Server (mid 2012) 2x3.33 GH 6-Core Intel Xeon 64 GB Ram NVIDIA Quado K500 4096 MB
macOS 10.12.6
AMC 12.11.0 (I can’t move up to 2018.12 as my license / dongle doesn’t go that far)
EuControl 19_5_0_514

Description: I believe this is now a deeper problem. I moved my license to my laptop for the weekend. Came back and re-installed on my desktop. And I crash every time I try to open the mocha Pro interface in Avid Media Composer. Last time it was new Avid user settings that solved the problem. That will probably fix this as well. But there is something going on, perhaps corrupting user settings.

Attached are crash logs. ‘.txt’ has been added to allow the attachment.

2019-0821_2ndCrashOpeningMocha.crash.txt|attachment](upload://vJppy4ioJnuvTFqisri3fQrI0iS.txt) (4.6 MB)
20190821_imagineer.log.txt (1.6 MB)

It isn’t necessarily the Avid User settings. I tried a new set, and still crashed. Then found and trashed the MochaPro2019.5 folder in /Library/Application Support/Avid/AVX2_Plug-ins/BorisFX. Re-installed mocha pro. Started Avid, created a new user, and the interface opened with no problem. And now I’m able to open previous user settings and still open the mocha interface.

Now the mocha interface crashes Media Composer in all circumstances: new user, new installation, older version. Not sure what else to try.

Hi Harry, this one’s a bit of a mystery.
Can you try reattaching the crash log? Not the imagineer one, the actual system crash log.

Yes. Two logs from yesterday. Today it has been opening fine. Thanks.

20190821_crashNewSettings.crash.txt (4.7 MB) 2019-0821_2ndCrashOpeningMocha.crash.txt (4.6 MB)

Those logs appear to be in Avid’s custom crash reporting format which we can’t readily read on our side. I would recommend disabling Avid’s custom crash reporting mechanism and then the next time you crash you will get a “normal” mac crash log which we can then interpret.

To disable Avid’s custom crash logging:

  • Launch Media Composer and open the Avid Console from within the Tools menu in Media Composer.
  • Type this in the Console and hit enter:
  • The Console should report “Disabling Breakpad exception reporting. Restart Media Composer for this change to take effect.”
  • Relaunch Media Composer and the next time you crash it should produce a “normal” mac crash log.

Thanks. I will send the next set of logs. Of course, today it hasn’t crashed once. Sheesh.

  • Harry