Crashing when remove w mattes


I am trying to use Mocha Pro 3.2.1 for digital make up removing. That’s what I did :

  • Import my ProRes4444 HD clip into Mocha Pro
  • Track each blemishes : 7
  • Export a Matte into a .mov Animation codec
  • Import the Mattes
  • Create 3 cleanplates (beginning, middle, end)
  • Clean the cleanplates in Photoshop
  • Start the render in Mocha (use cleanplate exclusively / linear)

Crash everytime in various frames

What did I do wrong ?

Thanks a lot.

It crashes in 3.2.1 and 3.1.1.
I am on a Mac Mini i7.

Apparently it crashes only when using 2 cleanplates or more. With 1 cleanplate the render doesn’t crash (but the remove fails at the end of the clip for some reason). Sorry for multiple posts, I would really appreciate some advice here. :slight_smile:

Hi Mary

My machine : MacMini i7, 16go ram, SSD Crucial M4 100go free, HD5000 video card. Hardware acceleration unchecked.

I haven’t been using grid and surface yet, I am still learning, didn’t really understood those. I will from now on. I’ll send you a screenshot next time it occurs.

Thanks !

About Cleanplates, I first create a cleanplane at the beginning of my shot, clean it on Psd, load it one frame 1, then I render to remove. Then, if I want to correct the error at the end of the shot, I will create an other one at the end, frame 143 for my shot, and do the same, right ?

But what happen when I render a second time with the second cleanplate ? Should I only render the frames with errors on it ? Or Mocha will know that there is 2 cleanplates on this shot and will adapt the whole render ? So I should create the 2 cleanplates at the beginning and render everything after that ?

I hope I make my self clear…

Hi there,

What are the specs on your machine? And can you please send me a screenshot of your file with mattes and splines on?

Also, make sure your tracks are rock solid on the face and that you can always see the grid and surface on each tracking layer. If you can’t see the grid and surface, it is possible the track is corrupt.


The grid and surface can be viewed on all layers, they just tel you what the track is doing (the splien won’t tell you that). So use them to check your tracks on this shot.

Don’t use cleanplates as PSDs, use TIFFs or similar. Also, you will need to load your new cleanplates in. Hit “edit” on the cleanplates tab and then click the folder icon, you will then be able to load your cleanplates in at the proper frames. Check the tags at the end of your frames to see what frame numbere they are.