Crazy problem with nuke cornerpin

Hello everybody,

i am really going out of my mind for some issue i’ve never encountered before

i have to do some screen replacements, and i am planar tracking with mocha, then comp everything in nuke 8

after i reach a good track results on mocha, i export as a nuke cornerpin like i’ve always done, and when i paste it on nuke the four corner points are in totally different positions, and not on the “screen i am replacing” corners

i tried to open the curve editor in nuke, and move the whole track curve point by point, to get them back on those “screen i am replacing” corners, but it seems like also the track curve is compromised, even if on my mocha project is perfect.

fun fact: if from mocha i try to export a nuke roto, it fits perfectly in my nuke project

where do i go wrong? what’s happening ?

i have a super close deadline, i beg for help !:slight_smile:

Hi there,

Not sure what’s going wrong if your shapes are pasting in correctly. What size are your screen inserts? Is there any way you can send me your files to take a look at?