Create greater color separation before zMatte

I have an indoor clip where the reflection from a fill light creates a hotspot white reflection on a window glass which is all dark otherwise, because it was night outside.

I’m trying to clone out the hotspot, but finding it extremely difficult because the actor in the shot is standing and moving in front of the hotspot for most of the clip, and their blonde curly hair is so close in color to the hotspot that it seems to get lost in the hotspot to the point that I can’t seem to get any type of a clean-ish separation of the hair from the hotspot using zMatte with it set to extract on Luminance.

The only thing that seems to be working and taking forever is manually painting in just enough of my cleaned up dark background.

I can visually see the movement of the blonde hair across the hotspot even when the hair is almost blown out white, so I was wondering, is there a way I could just boost the bit of barely visible yellow tone of the blonde hair somehow before sending it into zMatte, so that zMatte might separate the hotspot white from the blonde hair better?

Much thanks for any help.

Try using Selective Color Correct in the Color tab. It has the same matte generation as zMatte and you can use the generated matte to isolate your color correction.

Hi Marco,

Thanks, I’m trying this out now. Is there some color info listed somewhere to know what is the Hue color being used when adjusting through the 0 to 360? I’m a having a delayed response on my machine when dragging on the value, so i’d rather be able to punch in a number as starting point then tweak the value up/down from that point.

Thanks again!

You can get faster interaction by changing the proxy value to 2:1, 3:1 or 4:1.

This is a visual representation of what the hue slider is doing:

0 to 360 will progressively go from blue to magenta to red.
0 to -360 will go from green to yellow to red.

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Ah perfect thanks Marco! I was looking for the yellows.