Created clean plate, hit render, nothing happens

Mocha pro 22 AE.

Open clip. Track background and portion I would like to remove.
Select layer of object I am trying to remove.
Click remove tab.
Click “create.” Edit created tiff in photoshop.
Back to mocha. “Use Cleanplates Exclusively” is checked.
I hit render–it takes a second, but does not use the clean plate. No change at all.
When I check the clean plate itself by setting the dropdown at the top to “clean plate input,” it shows the correct clean plate.

I really don’t know what else to do. Am I missing a step?

Hi Justin, here are some questions that may help:

  1. Is the frame number column in the clean plate dialog set to the same frame number as the clean plate?
  2. Is your before/after frame range in the Remove module inclusive of the clean plate?
  3. Can you snap a screenshot of your parameters in the Remove module witht he clean plate dialog up so I can take a look?
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Thanks Martin!

  1. Yup–everything is frame 0.
  2. Looks fine to me–I’m just doing frames 0 to 20.
  3. Screenshots attached (including one of the clean plate itself).

Ugh, well…I suppose I figured it out? I unchecked the “use GPU Processing” box and it suddenly worked.

Is this a known bug?

Sorry, you caught me on a weekend and I only just saw this.

If the GPU isn’t working, it’s usually a driver issue or an unsupported card. Can you tell me what GPU card and driver version you’re on?