Created power mesh nulls do not have keyframe data (After Effects)

I’ve created a power mesh inside Mocha. When I save and return to After Effects, I click the “create nulls” button and select my mocha layer.

It will create all of the nulls, but none of them will have the keyframe data from my track. It will only create a single keyframe per null at my playhead, and those keyframes only ever seem to line up with the final frame of my track.

Am I doing something wrong? Is this a bug?

What version of Mocha are you using? We just released an update that should account for pesky keyframing errors like this and I’d like to see if it’s still a problem in 8.0.1

Version 8.0.1 build 101.g903c26329626
Build Date Dec 5 2020

When you open Mocha back up, is your mesh tracking data still there?

Yes it is. It just doesn’t export. And it never does, not just in a certain project.

If you can, please send the project to me at and I can see if I can troubleshoot it.


Hello, I have the same error. Any solution? Any update to fix it? thanks

Likely you need to precompose your footage, move all attributes into the new compostition, and trim it in the precomp, then apply Mocha to the precomp and track that. Usually this solves these types of issues. You can also try moving the nulls on the timeline to find the likely offset keyframes.