Creating a Crawl Title

There is a place for creating a roll title, but where do I find the setup for a crawl title. I think it used to be right with the roll title? What am I missing, or is this something I have to set up manually. When I tried that, the text line was split and I can’t figure out how to get it set up?
Thanks for the assistance.

Hi Denny,

Credit rolls are fully automated in Title Studio. Just create the text tracks that you wish to be a part of the credit roll, then select them and add them to a new Title Container. Once you have them in a title container, click on the title container track and in the Control panel you’ll find all of the options that you need to complete the animation.

Here are some links to couple of tutorial videos showing how this is effect is accomplished :

Boris FX | Advanced Credit Rolls & Crawls
Boris FX | Continuum Premium Filters for Adobe After Effects: Title Studio

Thanks Peter, The tutorial did the trick. I was looking to create a crawl. Apparently you need to create a roll and then change it to a crawl once you have the text created. To me, at least, this approach seems unintuitive.
It all worked in the end, so thanks.