Creating a realistic lens "ghosting" effect

I’m new to Sapphire, so apologies if this is a bit of a basic question. I’m an Avid offline editor trying to create subtle and realistic lens effects (lens flare, tilt-shift, defocuses, etc.) for my current documentary project. However, some of my early attempts have looked a bit too unnatural.

One effect I’ve seen elsewhere and which I’d like to copy is where part of the image gets duplicated in a sort of smeary ghosting or light-leak effect. You can see some examples (done in-camera, I imagine) on the following clip: (ghosting of lights and windows across image) (ghosting across defocused areas)
What are the worshippers worshipping? | Civilisations - BBC Two - YouTube (tilt-shift or ghosting on left of mosque shot)

Is this something that could realistically be recreated with Sapphire?

Better still, can anyone point me to some online resources which might help me produce better results?

Try our Sapphire FreeLens…it can achieve the effect you are looking for. Here’s a video link:


Thanks, Brian. That looks interesting.

But… I should have mentioned that I’m unable to use Sapphire 2020. I am forced to work with Sapphire v11 because the post facility where my project is being onlined only has v11 installed on their system.

I’ve had a bit of success using combination of Defocus and Directional Blur, but nothing as nice as either the examples I gave or your video.

You could achieve it with S11 but not in a one stop effect like Freelens. You would have to do some heavy compositing with Sapphire Builder to achieve that look. Lots of layering and masking…

Thanks, Brian. Do you have any pointers or know of any online tutorials which might teach me some of the principles of more complex compositing?

With the examples I gave in the original post, I think it’s the highlights that get distorted/ghosted rather than the mid tones and shadows. What’s the best way to achieve an effect which only targets a certain luma range?