Creating number roll counter in Continuum


I’m trying to make a roll counter motion graphic using the Continuum Title Studio in Avid. Is it possible to create this effect without having to make a bunch of separate text layers for each number?

Attaching the example of what I’m trying to make.

Hi did you use Type on Text or the Type on Text in Title studio to make that ?

Hello, So yes, technically this is possible. To do a simple number generation, you can create a new text track, and then in the generator tab, select “Numbers” and then animate the value with a decelerate interpolation. If you don’t want the decimal, you can crop the output so that it’s not visible. However this will only result in a static change in the numbers–meaning you won’t get the vertical movement of each number seen in your example. To do that, you would need to create a seperate text track for each digit. Then, for each text track, you’ll create a text sequence, only, in the text generator window, you’ll want to select “Top Down.” This will order the numbers from top to bottom, instead of left to right.

Then, you’ll want to create a motion path. This will allow you to move the text along a specified path. I’d create a spline shape that looks like a straight line (create a 4 point box and then adjust the points so it appears as a straight vertical line).
You can adjust the Angle to Path value to align the numbers correctly, and then animate the “On Path Motion” to move the numbers along the path you created. This will give the illusion of them cycling upwards (or downwards). If any number appears outside of the area you want them to be seen, you can select the shader track and crop the output.

You’d need to repeat this for each digit (or just duplicate the original set, which would be faster) and then align them correctly. When you’ve created your number reel and any other design for the effect, I’d suggest going to the render tab and enabling motion blur, so that the numbers will blur as they “spin”.

All the best!

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@gid.joiner The video attached is from an after effects template I used. Trying to create something similar using Continuum.

@vincentm_e8c60 Thank you for this! I will give this a try.

OK, I was just thinking that in type on text you can make the numbers reveal in a rolling type motion, I’m on my phone at the moment so can’t see the right term in title studio but you would only need to keyframe how the numbers reveal themselves, you would have to create multiple numbers across the timeline though so maybe it would be quite a lot of work, I was interested more than anything :wink::+1:
So maybe what vincentm says would be easier :grin::+1:

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@gid.joiner Good to know though! I’m still beginner with Title Studio so helpful to learn the different ways to do things.