Creating rain facing downwards

Hi - wonder if anyone can help with this very specific but quite simple look I’m after. I have a few drone shots where the camera is angled downwards that I need to add rain to.

The BCC Rain effect doesn’t allow for this (willing to be proven wrong!) and was hoping there’d be a relatively easy way to accomplish this within in BCC Particle.

Can anyone help? Thanks in advance

Hi, Yep go to Behaviour, there’s an angle adjust, you might have t adjust the other settings to make the rain drops shorter or the siz over life as they drop away from the camera …

Hmm thought about your comment n maybe i jumped to an answer,
could you post a pic of the clip?
I sort of made this where the drops look like they fall away, you could zoom/enlarge to cut away the perimeter

I changed some of the settings, you could maybe make the drops into streaks in the Shape image, increase velocity…
The drops emit from a circle both in & out, i don’t have time to work out how to make them only emit inwards to the centre, I should be working in my workshop :rofl: Hope you work something out :+1:

That’s brilliant, thank you so much thinking about it and for taking the time to help! I’ve plenty to go on there. Will post back and let you know how I get on :+1:

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:+1: No prob,
in this one i added Blur, increased velocity, the added blur meant the particles/drops were less visible so i increased the no’, maybe increasing the size would be better, & the increase in velocity meant they travelled further in their lifetime so i shortened their life to stop them clumping in the middle,
I bet one of the Boris team will come up with a better or simpler solution later :rofl: