Creating ripple effect | still image


I have just migrated from DFT to Optics, so just learning all the amazing filters and looks it has to offer.

I have a photo of a rod hitting a surface, and want to create “ripples” indicating circular sound waves going through the air, originating at the point of contact.

Is there a filter in Optics that can do this?

Thank you,

Unfortunately, there is not a ripple effect in Optics at this time. The next version will add some of the S_Warp filters that can produce this effect.

Thank you, Marco.

If you were to try to create this look manually, any suggestions on how to do this? The best I can think of (admittedly not thought through or attempted yet)
create a series on concentric selections, i.e. a series of torusi (?) of graduated diameter, very soft feathered, and then use warp or even transform.

But if you have any insights, they’d be welcome…

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Jerry, I would give S_WarpMagnify from the Lens group a try. In conjunction with some spot masks, you mat be able to achieve the desired effect.

@images … although I don’t have Optics, there is an amazing consumer program from Corel which might achieve the result that you are looking for. It is Corel’s Photo Mirage. I’ve used it only a few times but I’ve managed to make the water from the fountains at Versailles in a still photo to become realistically ‘running water’, and in a still photo of a river create the illusion of water flow.

Perhaps BorisFX could consider something like this for a later FX inclusion.

Thank you, Marco. I will see what that can accomplish, and if it can match what I have in mind.

Hi Dexcon - thanks for your suggestion.

The original context isn’t moving water, but trying to visualize what sound waves would look like as ripples through the air. Circular compression waves propagating from a point source… I’ll keep the Corel app in mind if flowing water is a look I’m searching for.

take care…