Creating rising mist on 3D plane using Particle Illusion

I’d like to create a low-hanging fog/mist over a lawn which spans a 3-d plane.

I thought this would be simple by finding a Particle Illusion (PI) emitter, rotating the axis (if needed) to match my plane, and possibly adding a deflector to have it bounce off the back wall a bit. I could use a Mocha mask to shape the emitter farther to only be on the grassy area… simple, right?

Not so much :frowning: My obstacles that I’m hoping y’all can help with:

  1. I couldn’t find just a good low-hanging fog emitter, but the upper-part of the “Misty Lake” looks pretty… maybe I just disable the “Lake” portion and work from there? Are there more emitters I’m just missing?

  2. Can’t find a way to rotate the plane… maybe I don’t need to?

Any tips on pulling off this effect would be appreciated!

Try searching for “clouds” or “steam” or “wispy”

There’s no way to rotate the emitter in 3D yet, but in your case doesn’t matter because rotating the camera will do the trick.

Here’s the workflow that worked for me to create a cloud bank:

  1. Create an area emitter, size it up pretty big. (Probably turn the “Number” way down)
  2. At this point you should be looking straight at the rectangle of fog/clouds/smoke
  3. Switch to 3D mode if you’re not already, and check that the emitter is “Emit in 3D” in the properties section.
  4. Select the “Orbit” camera model
  5. Adjust the “Tumble”

You may need to adjust the camera “zoom” and/or “distance” values too.

Hope this helps.