Crush and render fail

Hello I’m new to Mocha 5 pro.

my task is to track part of the object and insert it afterwards in a composition.

The tracking is not difficult (i d rather call it super simple) at all. Total 30 seconds. Here are two questions

for information I have brand new Macbook Pro mid 17 2.9 i7 16 512gb Adobe AE CC 2018

  1. crushes

at some moment it can tell me that “Tracking terminated prematurely. One or more selections were not tracked properly”

if I start new layer with mocha from that point - it can start tracking but continue previous - no - crush again

  1. render

When I look at result in AE - its ok. But if I render - the result video can differ a lot. seems like masking fails on some edges like is if it is slower/quicker then the whole video

Will really appreciate the help!

Hi there,

Have you watched our mocha basics tutorials? It sounds like you are looking at the shape and not the track, and also that you are not sure how to isolate good areas to track. Training can help with this. Boris FX | Videos

That will absolutely get you on the right track.