Cs6 lost the shot and drift but mocha shows good track

i have a clip to track i succesfull track in mocha but aftereffect cs6 lost the shot and drift but mocha shows good track what is problem?
help me teacher maryp.thanks

Sorry for the late reply, this was sitting in another thread but needed a new topic.

If your mocha shape does not lineup in your destination software, you may have a mismatched project frame rate or aspect ratio.

If you are seeing stranger results, the track for that shape may have become corrupt. A good way to check this is to turn the surface tool on and see if the surface tool does anything unexpected, like disappear. You may need to re-track the object.

When you paste or import your mocha data into the final composite or edit, make sure you are pasting or loading your data in at the first frame of the clip, otherwise your data will not line up.

Project settings such as frame rate, dimensions and pixel aspect ratio must be match between your mocha project and your destination software. Make sure these values match the settings in your compositor or editor and inside of mocha, otherwise your tracking data will not match when you export it.

If your are using Adobe After Effects, the target layer you are pasting data to should also be the same size as your AE composition. A good After Effects troubleshooting tip: create a new solid that is the same size as your composition. Paste your track or roto shape data to this layer. If it does not line up, the issue is mostly likely a project mismatch.

Did all that, no luck. I am tracking 4K .dpx footage. When I have a flawless track in Mocha™ 4.1.2 and try every conceivable way to take it into After Effects™ CS6, my pasted image drifts and warps toward the bottom left no matter what the source footage is. I have had better luck in After Effects™ CC. I don’t think it is a lens issue because I tried that adjustment, but no help. Anyone else had this problem and solved it? (No pun intended)

What happens when you paste the data on a solid that’s the same size as your footage?

Does it still drift?

If so, then your frame rate doesn’t match up. OR you are pasting in the keys at the wrong point in AE and the data is not lining up.

If the track no longer drifts, the layer you’re trying to paste your data on it not the same size as your footage.

If you’re still confused about that, because it can totally be a pain to figure out, send me the project at maryp@imagineersystems.com and I will take a look.