currentContourID NULL A current contour must have been set in the base state"

Hello everyone.

I’m using the latest (Mocha Pro 5.2.1) and I have been getting this error message.

“currentContourID NULL A current contour must have been set in the base state”

I’ve Googled it and checked the faq here, but haven’t found anything. Any suggestions?





Hi Rowby,

That’s an odd enough one that I am going to ask you to submit a support case. Because I haven’t seen that before and I will likely have to log it as a bug report.


Thanks Mary!

I submitted a support case and will let you know what I find out.

Thanks for your quick response – and I appreciate your many support videos.


Thank you! I will grab your case and CC Martin, this issue needs another set of eyes on it. :slight_smile:

I just had the same problem today, just saved the project and restarted Mocha and it was fine again.

Same issue here in my first session with Mocha Pro 2020.

We’ve figured out what this issue is and will have it fixed for the next maintenance update in 2020.

Hello Everybody.
I have done several masks with no problem, then, after the last track, the same issue appears… I’m using the mocha plugin for AE. Any news on how can be fixed?


Which version are you using, Dimitri?

I’m using the version included in the last version of after effects. Anyway, i resolved the problem saving the mocha project, closing and reopening it.

Oh. The problem may still exist in the current version of Mocha AE then. We’re hoping to update that version at some point as it’s several versions behind the current Mocha Pro.

That would be great. The PowerMesh looks so powerful! :smiley: