Curve editor does work

I’m working on roto in mocha. I have a roto spline linked to a track in another layer.

I’m trying to adjust the track layer curves to smooth the motion. Nothing seems to work.

  • the smooth button doesn't work (it just resets my edits )
  • I can adjust the curves but it has no visual effect on the motion ( I tried some huge value jumps to be sure )
  • deleting keys has not effect on the motion
the track is locked as far as I can tell.

The documentation is really thin on the curve editor and dope sheet. I have no idea what to do

Hi Ken,

The curve editor is not used very often by customers and has developed some defects that make it unwieldy to use. We hope to address these in future. Although you have also brought up some new ones I was not aware of. Thank you for bringing some of these to our attention!

Over the years the Dopesheet has essentially taken over keyframe copying, pasting, deletion and timeline adjustment. Most value adjustments are made directly in the viewer to smooth out issues, using both the spline tools and the AdjustTrack tool.

Is this something that will be brought back and developed on again soon? It would help to smooth out rough tracking, maybe even adding some smooth filtering.