Curve editor in Mocha Pro Plugin 2021 v 8.0.3


Working my way through Ben’s Master Mocha Vol 2. In Exercise 6, he shows using the curve editor and right clicking to specify the kind of interpolation. He’s clearly on a PC. On a mac without a 3 button mouse, that would be a control click. But for me nothing happens. Has this feature been removed? Or am I doing something wrong? or does it not work unless you have a 3 button mouse?


Have you tried option+click on a mac? Usually the standin for CTRL on mac is Option.

Good thought but yes: I tried option click, command click, shift click, shift option click. Maybe I missed some critical variant but tried all the usual suspects I cd think of.



OK, can you go into your preferences, keyboard shortcuts, and set it to a key combo that you would prefer? Note that the curve editor specifically is hidden unless you want to see it. It’s been replaced with the dope sheet for modern versions of Mocha.

Thanks. I did manage to get the curve editor open and see the key frames. I cd even raise and lower values but cdnt get the choice or bézier curve or others.

I will try that and let you know if it worked. There are still some things the door sheet can’t do, but I realize the curve editor has been on the way out for a while.

I agree, we definitely have some work we want to do on the dope sheet and it’s just a matter of fitting it into the schedule. The curve editor can be really useful but since it’s no longer really supported and like a vestigial programming limb, we tend to use it at our own risk. I’d definitely save in versions if you’re going to crack the curve editor open.