Custom emitter marketplace

Hi guys,

Short question, is there an ability to share custom made emitters? If so, is there a sort of marketplace/forum where user could share their work? Would be a great thing… have some assets that I’m happy to share.

thanks for sharing, it makes me think of an object burning entering the atmosphere.

I like the FX on this video:

You can make something like this with it, more of a rocket launch. Inspiration was the space x launch.

@jclement or anyone at borisfx? Any input on my question/request above?
Thxn gr JW

There’s no official place for sharing emitters other than this forum. Save as a project file (File - Save) and you should be able to attach here.

Will there ever be a more official place to share them? Not sure.

I like the first emitter, it looks the flames produced/flaring when the “First Stage” was about to separate from the rest of the Saturn 5 rocket.
I just watched a video to make sure I got it right. I used to watch this stuff live. But that was quite some time ago. LOL
How the Saturn V Broke into Pieces Launching to the Moon - YouTube