Customization using Python API

First of all sorry for some basic questions, i just start learning Mocha Pro to integrate it into our existing pipeline.The things i would like to know are,

  1. While the application is starting up is there any way in to set the “results” output folder based on the username and file system we have locally using python API without the user has to browse and go to that specific directory.Its always relative to the media that’ loaded in Mocha Pro.

  2. Same thing regarding the exports, can they also be pre-defined rather than the user has to actually browse to a specific location.

  3. Are there any internal environment variables which can be overwritten for our local setup customization in the start up using python API.


  1. Yes, mocha Pro supports python scripting. You can set your files with python easily.

  2. You should also be able to do that in mocha Pro (please note, mocha Pro only, this will not work with mocha AE or mocha Plus)

  3. Have you checked out our python docs? Boris FX | Documentation

Happy to help! Martin might be able to give you a better answer about number 3.

Hi Mary,
Thank you for your quick reply. I was trying to change things from the init script, but figured out i can just make a .mocha project file with all the settings i want and feed it to the mocha pro binary.