Customizing Ray Drop Title?

This is a really basic question but here goes. I’m just starting to learn title studio and I was looking at customizing the Ray Drop Title preset.

I can’t figure out how the falling characters are controlled. There doesn’t seem to be a transform or parameter anywhere that I can find and there’s nothing showing on the timeline.

If someone can recommend a tutorial that shows how to do this effect, I’d appreciate it as I want to change the timing of the falling characters.

If there’s no relevant tutorial, could someone point out the control that I’m completely missing?



You can control the animation by keyframing the text type on parameter value. See attached screenshot.


Grrr. Ok, this is going to be obvious to you but apparently I need to watch all the basic tutorials.

I did not expect to find element animation properties on something called “Material - flat texture”

Thank you. I’ll be spending the rest of the day watching the tutorials :slight_smile:

@PeterMcAuley Ok, it turns out that I’m not as crazy as I thought I was after seeing your reply.

In standalone TS that the keyframe on the material shows up in the timeline.

When launched fro Vegas Pro, the keyframe is invisible. Even if I explicitly open a .blu file I was just editing in standalone.

[time passes while I work on reproducing the bug]

Somehow when working on reproducing the workspace issues I reported in the beta forum, I got my workspace into a state where part of it was off-screen and I really couldn’t tell, not being an experienced user of TS. The only clue was that the minimize and maximize controls in the upper right weren’t visible.

Everything seemed to be there but I could never see the keyframe for the text.

Not sure I have a suggestion after all this other than if you’re a newbie stick with the default layout and use a side by side monitor config :slight_smile: