Cutting holes in Mocha layer mask, Vegas Pro, Mocha Pro

Hi, can any body help me with this? I’m new to Mocha Pro but i have no prob tracking n covering my no’ plate as i always do in my vids, tried mocha in alsorts of scenarios/clips/tracks, the tracking sticks in place beautifully, loving Mocha tracking but just out of curiosity & learning i tried to make a couple off holes to make the screws from the orig no’ plate show through, I couldn’t see little holes on the Vegas preview window so made the holes bigger :smirk: but whatever configuration i set mocha at i can’t get the 2 holes transparent, the one on the right in my pic has Input as the Insert Clip but that just shows the full image of the video track reduced into whatever size i set the planer surface to, the one on the left is set to subtract, that does nothing, like i say i’ve tried several configurations & i know the red layer out line is the tracking & the blue shows the placement of the input material, the layering i think is in the right way, no’ plate at the back/bottom but there must be a way that i can punch a couple of holes through that no’ plate layer? Or am i going about this arse over face? Thanks

Think i’ve done it, thanks to Mary Poplin in this vid where she mentions Masks in the Insert tab, Matte for fingers, in my case it was Matte for Layer 9 which is the half round cut out that shows the video below as i wanted :grin::+1:

Use All Foreground Layers lets me put numerous cut outs in, Cool :+1:

Glad you’re all set and a tutorial helped!

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Thanks, yep, i’m using Vegas Pro so interpreting/translating the Adobe/ AE based vids is hard & there’s so many that it’s easy as a newbie to skip through them or get a bit lost when i do watch them, but i’m getting there slowly :smirk::+1:

Just spent hrs trying to work out how to create a round Insert Layer, the blue planer is square/rectangle, uh?? then it dawned it when about to post a help request on here i saw my (this) earlier post, Put a mask over it ! :bulb::grin: it’s slowly sinking in :woozy_face:

Yeah, specialty shapes definitely require masks. I am glad that worked for you.

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Hi Mary, I’ve just noticed there’s two points on the edge of the surface planer & two lines, one just for the normal adjustment, the other lets it go curved when i’m in the insert tab at the bottom, is this new or …?

Part of the mesh it seems, still learning :man_facepalming::grin::roll_eyes:

Hi there,

Yes, this has been in for a while but as you can see it warps the image, which might not always be desirable. But it is very desirable for wrapping logos and things around bottles, cups, etc, and has been in the insert tab since we have had the insert tab.

I have used it often before PowerMesh was a thing.


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Thanks, I’ve just had a play at wrapping around a round tin :+1:
Is there a tutorial based on this mesh & ‘wrapping logos and things around bottles’ ? i think i’ve watched them all but don’t remember one, :woozy_face::thinking::grin:

I have one for a coffee cup but it is roughly 800 years old, give or take a few years, so it might not be as relevant. The gist is basically create a planar track, eyeball the warp, hand animate corrections.

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:joy::joy::+1: Playing with the meshwarp at the mo after talking of the mesh, i watched one of your vids where you put Boris logo on a newspaper, not having a lot of luck so far, Vegas doesn’t like it if you set the mesh size too low & create too many spline areas, & when i do get a result it’s allover the place :upside_down_face: I’ve only had Mocha Pro a couple of wks & can be impatient, so a few late nights of trial n error :woozy_face: Thanks a lot Mary, I’m getting old now & i know perseverance is key, in a yrs time i’ll look back and…:grin:

It took me three weeks of playing around with PowerMesh to get a feel for where it works and where it doesn’t. Don’t get discouraged.

:grin: Great i’ve watched most of the vids inc the live sessions & your heads a bit more inclined to this sort of thing, , I’m a joiner who sticks nails in bits of wood, i make really simple videos for YT with just a simple crossfade between clips :joy: This part is purely recreational but loving Continuum & mocha Pro, I’ll get there in the end tho, Thanks :blush::+1:

I also quite enjoy building things (I have built some very fancy nonsense out of wood myself). You have to have a technical mind for that stuff. You’ll totally get there in the end.

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Good to hear, :+1:
It’s my job but it also becomes your life after so many yrs, i do like doing it tho, there’s a lot worse jobs out there :wink: Yeah it is fairly technical, there’s a few basic rules tho & once you know those it’s how you apply them, I use CAD for my drawings, so there’s a bit of PC tech knowledge needed to use that,
I’m off work for a little bit while i find a new van, I’m procrastinating a bit tho because i bought Continuum & Mocha Pro, there’s been a few late nights & the desk chair hasn’t gotten cold for long :grin:,

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