Cyberlink PowerDirector - Mocha Compatibility

Just purchased Cyberlink’s Director Suite, which includes Borisfx Restoration and Lighting. The Beauty Studio on this site, says that it is ‘powered by Mocha’. The Beauty Suite plugin within PowerDirector is missing any Mocha reference, doesn’t have split screen, and no color correction. Primarily I chose this because of the Mocha for selecting areas to clean up skin issues. Can anyone please help clarify whether Mocha is supposed to be part of the plugin? All documentation on this BorisFX site implies that this plug in is powered by Mocha.

The Cyberlink version of the Continuum filters are simplified, less expensive versions due to limitations of the host’s plugin support. There are fewer UI controls in Power Director in order to keep the UI size manageable. And some functionality such as Mocha tracking is not possible since the plugins only have access to frames at the current time and this means that motion tracking is not possible.