DaVinci Fusion Mesh Removal Help

Hi guys I am using DaVinci Fusion using the Alembic mesh and I am trying to do a removal of a clamp from the jacket see photo with circle below

Also I put the tiff in Affinty photo and it comes out flat and the clip is from the red exported at pro res 4444. Not sure why the clip is coming in flat as you can see in the the photo of the removal below that the footage has color in it. Not sure why Mocha does flat clean plates

what’s weird is when I use the mesh the mask comes out weird and I cant add feathering to it see photo above

If any one can help let me know what I am doing wrong with the mask and also with the issue of the clean plate being flat and or if my workflow is off here is my node tree.

Below is a link to the clip please let me know if you need any more details.


Do you have feathering on the image going into the mesh?
The ABC file is just going to be a hard-edged mesh, so any feathering will have to be on the texture itself.

I feathered the mesh in mocha pro plugin the image is the clean plate that I got from the remove tab. In Affinity Photo should I cut the image around the area I am removing?

Or should I export a mask as well to mask the texture/image?

I’d use a separate mask out of Mocha so you have a bit more control.

Thank you, I saw a new fusion tutorial

Does that method work better as in will I have a bit more control?

Because I used the other way the Alembic