Davinci Resolve 15

Resolve with Fusion integrated just came out of Beta and is officially released.

Currently the Mocha Pro OFX plugin will instantly crash Resolve. Are there plans to integrate it?

Resolve does not give plugins access to frames from the full timeline during render events and this is a requirement for Mocha Pro support. This is a longstanding problem with Resolve and is the reason that Resolve has not been supported by Mocha Pro in the past. Even if the plugin applied successfully you would not be able to correctly render removes, stabilization, etc due to the Resolve host-side limitation on frame access during render events.

Thanks for the clear answer!

Really appreciated. What about Fusion?

The Mocha Pro plugin does officially support Fusion, although I am not yet sure if it is certified as supporting the new Fusion panel inside Resolve 15.

Thanks, I’ll give it a try.

Presently in our tests Fusion is working with the Mocha Pro OFX in the Resolve 15 panel, but the same restrictions apply. Some render modules will not work outside of the Mocha interface due to the temporal frame restrictions. There are some work-arounds, but it is definitely limited.

Sorry I should have specified. I’m talking about the Fusion page inside of Resolve 15.

On my machine, on the Official Release Resolve 15 when I launch the Mocha Pro OFX node in the Fusion page it causes an instant crash.

Which system?

What do you mean?

MacOS 10.13.4

We want to investigate to continue the conversation with BMD about addressing incompatibilities.


Just wanted to check back in on this and see if there were any updates?


Checking back in on this.

On the most current version of Resolve 15.1 build 25 and most current Mocha Pro OFX 5.6.0

I’m still getting an instant crash when I try to add a Mocha Pro node into Fusion in Resolve.

macOS 10.13.6

Someone else has mentioned that it’s working correctly on PC, but on Mac we get an instant crash.

I’m on PC and I’ve tried to use mocha within resolve fusion panel. It seems to work but it not very stable. I’ve encountered several crashes but it is not unusual to crash there even without using mocha. I’ve tried the latest version of ofx 5.6 and beta 6b4. I’ve also tried to apply the ofx in the edit panel. And of course as a color node. I hope BorisFx and Blackmagic will find a way to solve this because the combination of theses two great softwares is really promising.

On My System Windows 10 GTX 1060 There is no crash.It Might help Help Mocha if is used DirectX since is uses a shapes. DirectX on Windows 10 that would be using the hardware to speed up mocha . The Platforms On Windows Running Aftereffects hardware render was slower On Apple Computers Than Windows with updated optix driver from Nvidia. Video on Youtube Shows that After Efects With a AMDR7 1700X and Nvidia 1080 TI Finished Twice as Fast as Same Software As Apple Computers.

See Vidio For the Fix:How to Fix optix.1.dll Error easily on adobe after effect - YouTube

Compairson: In AfterEffects: 8-Core MacPro vs Ryzen 1700 - YouTube

If you want To Use to still use OpenCL Uoy can use 2 Vega64 Cards And a AMD Threadripper Processor. or An Intel Processor with Intergrated graphics.