Davinci Resolve 16 4 and Continuum and Sapphire

How do I access Continuum and Saphire in Resolve 16 Beta 4? I can’t seem to find them. Does footage need to be in my timeline before they become available? I tried searching for one of the “s_…” effects, but nothing came up.

Good afternoon! Continuum an Sapphire filters are available in both the Edit and Color modules within Resolve.

To access them in the edit mode, you will want to make sure that Effects Library has been enabled. Continuum and Sapphire effects are available by twirling down the OpenFX option, and then opening up the Filters group for filters, or transitions for transitions.

To access them in the color mode, you will again want to make sure that OpenFX has been enabled and then either scroll to the desired effect, or use the search function. It should be noted that in Color mode, continuum effects appear near the bottom of the list.

I hope this helps! Please let me know if I can be of further assistance.


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Thank you so much for you help! If I may ask, how does one accomplish frame blocking/masking transitions with either of these plugins? Is it possible? Could you point me in the direction of a tutorial or something of that nature?

I am aware that this can be done natively in Resolve, but hey, if these plugins are capable and could potentially do it better, why not use them?! :smiley:

Thank you in advance and thank you once again for your initial help!