DaVinci Resolve 17.1.1 (M1 Mac)


I installed the latest Mocha Pro OFX successfully. I checked the plugins in Davinci Resolve and its loaded successfully. However, its not showing in either Fusion or Color tab. The option for Mocha UI is not available.

Please advise.

Thank you

Interesting. You should be able to see it if it installed properly. Have you restarted Resolve and Fusion and double checked that the update installed successfully?

Hi Mary,

Yes I have checked it installed properly. Even restarted the macbook. In Fusion, Mocha is missing from ‘Add Tool’.

Am attaching screenshots, if it helps.

I am going to have to ask my team about this one. I am not sure what is going on and don’t want to tell you the wrong thing. Let me get back to you.

Hi there,

My support team has let me know this is because Mocha isn’t supported on Apple Silicon chips yet, but run on intel as expected. We are working on supporting Apple Silicon chips in the future. You might have some luck running it in Rosetta but we have not tested this in older versions so we can’t say if it would or wouldn’t work.

You can find our tech specs here: https://borisfx.com/products/mocha-pro/?collection=mocha-pro&product=mocha-pro#tech%2fspecs

Sorry for the inconvenience, is there another machine you can run it on?


Hi Mary,

Thank you for your assistance. Unfortunately, I do not have another machine to run on.

The standalone Mocha Pro seems to be able to run fine. I’ll need to run some tests on Rosetta in M1 Mac. Of course, I’d prefer to get the OFX version due to costing, as the standalone is more than double the price.

I will ask @Martinb about the roadmap for this when he is available.

The current potential workaround would be to force Resolve/Fusion to also run in Rosetta mode. Fusion won’t be able to load a plugin that is not arm64-based if it is already running in Silicon mode itself.

I can’t give you a specific timeframe for our Silicon version yet, but it is coming as soon as possible.
We will no doubt have a beta when it is ready, so please DM me if you want to be on that.

I am new on here have same issue how do I dm you to get on the beta list?

I am new on here have same issue how do I dm you to get on the beta list?

Hi yes, I just installed them on my M1 MacBook system too, would love to get on the beta list ASAP!

I too would love to be on the Beta list! Issuing my mesh warp tracker. :pensive: