Davinci resolve 17 & Mocha Pro 2021

Hey, I am trying to use Mocha pro in Davinci resolve fusion, and I am not having success applying my meshes and tracking data to footage. There is only one tutorial created about Alembic scenes; other than that, nothing. I myself am a content creator for resolve & want to create tutorials using mocha. However, there isn’t a clear training for it. How is the overall workflow supposed to go in fusion? The more info provided, the better.

Hey Billy,

Are you specifically looking at alembic workflows, or the warp render workflows?
One aspect of Fusion warp workflows that can trip people up is that Fusion treats still images and text as single frames, so you need to make sure the image you want to use is seen as the the same length as the source footage, otherwise Mocha can’t animate the warp.
We’re currently working on a workaround for this in the next patch update, but you can get around it now by either merging the still image with the source (and ignoring the source on output) or applying a frame expression to any value in the still image.

We’ll be providing more dedicated workflows for Fusion in future tutorials. The alembic workflow example you mentioned is the best one to follow for a quick overview of the mesh handling, but we don’t have specific warp tutorials in Fusion yet.

We don’t officially support Resolve, with the exception of Fusion. The OFX support in the Resolve color page is a bit too slow on the render side for us to support it yet.
In Fusion however, Mocha should be fine.