Davinci resolve confusion filter/PI

I have bought the PI filter version, which is great but, I really wish there was a playlist sorted in host. I’m not talking in depth things, which of course are mostly the same issues. For instance when do I use generator instead of the filter and I also have a tool in fusion, which I would love to be Particle illusion, but this is beat reactor and mocha. I’m okay with the fact that pi is optimized for after effect, but I cannot find simple facts about workflows in my host (it could just be a simple pdf). E.g. if I need a PI effect in the fusion tab (in davinci resolve) I find that it is best to build it over the source and then render it out with alpha - can this be true? I guess what I mean is the fear of missing out on this tool because I need to “go out on patrol” myself every time is pretty frustrating. The standard PI written pdf manual would be great with small screenshots (just in a host edition). This is not meant to be negative and sorry for spelling mistakes, I’m not english.
(edited after published) just found out that when I do a camera movement in fusion all the forces and 3d effects recognize this. This is absolutely fantastic and solve a lot for me - again, I just cannot seem to find this info anywhere - I’m probably just looking the wrong places :slight_smile: