Davinci resove and particle illusion plug in

does anyone know how do i use pi pluggin in davici resolve. i can open pi but not onto my footage, it only opens by itself i.e. without my footage.


  1. Apply Particle Illusion to your clip
  2. Click the “Launch Particle Illusion” button to open the PI UI
  3. If your clip does not show in PI, check the preview setting above the stage next to the zoom level – make sure it’s set to “Composite on Source Video”

Hope this helps!

how Alan thanx for your speedy reply and taking the time to respond. The
problem is i can’t apply particle illusion to my clip. when i try to do it in
edit mode, i see particle illusion but not the open pi ui. in fusion if i connect the
pi node onto the node image i see mocha camera tracking but no pi. what i can do is
click on pi and a blank particle illusion clip appears and i can open pi with that but not
with one of my clips.

(Attachment Capture 01.wmv is missing)

here’s a clip if it helps


pi clip.mp4 (1.19 MB)

I’m not a Resolve expert, but I talked to one and it appears that you can’t apply PI to a VFX Connect clip. You can apply it to a regular clip or a compound clip, but not a VFX Connect clip.

Make sense?

i’m also new to resolve, so that should be good enough info
for me to beggin to research.

thanx alot alan