De-activate/Re-activate License


I have 2 systems in my home that I do work on. One in my studio (upstairs) and the other in my bedroom (downstairs). Sometimes I move between both locations regularly during the day and apparently there is no way to have my purchased license activated on both systems simultaneously.
(Bummer b/c every other vendor license I own provides authorization for at least 2 systems at a bare minimal)

So the question, is there any other way to deactivate a license on one system to activate on another without having to actually launch the video editor? Seems there should be some sort of utility or something the easily and quickly do that without having to load a project.


Hi Mark,

Yes, you can use the Boris FX Application Manager to handle that task. It’s a free application and can be download from our website. You can find more information about how it works here : Boris FX | App Manager