De-grain and Re-grain effect in BCC or Sapphire


Is there an effect/s in BCC or Sapphire that works exactly like in Silhouette where I can De-grain a clip at 100% and then after comping together the clip with other elements, I can Re-grain the full comp at 100% using the information from the De-grain?

If there isn’t an exact same process, could you please let me know the best workflow to achieve this with BCC or Sapphire?

Thanks you!!!

Ideally you would use Silhouette for this - that’s one of the tasks that it was designed for.

A possible option to generate the result you’re after without Silhouette might be to use the BCC Match Grain filter to sample the inherent grain in the source clip, then save that as a grain signature and a BCC filter level preset. Then use the BCC Noise Reduction or the BCC Degrain filter to degrain the clip and once you’ve completed the comp, apply the saved preset from BCC Match Grain to the comp to regrain it.

Very interested to hear if this works for you.


Greats thanks for the BCC ideas Peters! I’ll definitely try it in the future and will let you know how it goes. I actually went ahead with the 2021 upgrade to get the Silhouette AE compatibility, so definitely looking forward to having the Degrain/Grain Comp ability to use inside AE.