Debug steps if Optics doesn't show up in Lightroom Classic?

Running the latest version of LrC and installed both PS and LrC options when installing Optics. Standalone works fine.

@michaelh A couple of things…

  1. It is possible Lightroom was running when Optics was installed. Restart LR and then see if Boris FX Optics appears in the Photo > Edit In menu.
  2. If Optics still does not appear in LR, reinstall and make sure Lightroom is selected in the installer–even if it already says it is installed.
  3. If Optics still does not appear in LR, perform the steps outlined in the “Adding Optics to Lightroom as an External Editor” section of the user guide on page 33.
  1. Definitely not. I’m careful about that.
  2. Done. still didn’t appear.
  3. I miss the days when windows showed folders for installed apps. I couldn’t even tell that a manual had been installed. The section you mean is in the Optics-2021-PhotoPlugin.pdf That worked, but…

Unfortunately uninstalling has removed the trial license I was using. Can you recommend an easy way to get that back? The activation window sent me to a sales page after complaining that I’d already requested a license on this machine.

@michaelh Can you private message me your full name and email address you used to get the trial and I will reset it so you can get it again.