DeckLink Output Support?

I’m a long-time colorist, brand new Silhouette user (monthly sub). I’m loving what Silhouette can add to my client offerings: logo removal, better green screen, and beauty.

However, I can’t show my client what I’m doing, because the image is trapped in my GUI. I want to output Silhouette’s viewer onto my projector in the DI suite, where a couchful of agency folks can oh-and-ah as talent blemishes are removed.

Also at home, I have my Flanders color-accurate monitor, tethered by DeckLink, in front of my face (for grading). My GUI monitor is off to the side.

I’d love to have my image on the Flanders while working in Silhouette.


I know this won’t be as good as built-in support in Silhouette but does this help you at all?

OBS is a quality solution for screen cap and streaming and apparently has decklink support

Hi Jeff, Decklink support is planned for the next major feature release.

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Fantastic. Looking forward.

I don’t suppose your team has considered supporting Tangent control surfaces, such as the Wave2 or Elements?

Many colorists have these on their desks already. Right now they become paper weights when we alt-tab into Silhouette.

It would be stellar to control Silhouette’s various parameters with the awesomely sensitive Tangent control knobs. Not just for color correct tasks in Silhouette, but also for the zMatte edge values. Any node’s parameters, essentially.

And use the “color balls” for fine Roto shape displacement. For Wacom pen users, it’s another option, like a trackball. I could also see using a color “ball” to move the onion skin. And a knob for wiping / split screen.

Could also be cool to dedicate a color “ball” to displacing the clone source. You could hold a pen in your right hand over the pixel you want to paint on, and move the left ball with your left hand, searching for a clone source.

If nothing else, the transport controls on the Wave2 (play forward / back / stop / scrub) would be helpful.

Brush presets on the function keys, brush size / softness adjustments on knobs…

Us (users) could create and share actual mappings and tunings. But we’d need the dev team to initiate basic support on their end. I think that includes letting the Tangent Mapper app know what functions of Silhouette are controllable.

I can make an intro to the Tangent team if there’s interest.


I must admit hardware control interfaces are a pet interest of mine. I bought a MIDI controller to experiment with customizable control surfaces, which opens the door to more complex surfaces like the Tangent stuff. Do they offer loaner devices for development purposes?

Hi Paul, thanks for your reply. I can ask if Tangent does loaner devices for developers. It might be easiest if I asked in the context of making an intro between you guys and pitching my use case as a Tangent + Silhouette customer. If that sounds right you could drop me a note at and I’ll make the connection.

Hi Paul,

Some interesting possibilities there.

Tangent does provide a virtual panel that can be operated from an iPad. I’ve only ever used it combination with a physical panel, but it might work without. That could be an easier development / test platform.

I think it would be interesting to think what functions to map to a tangent panel.

Certainly transport control would make moving on the timeline very easy. I can see brush softness, size, and opacity on a knob. Various brush presets on buttons. For color correction and keying, there may also be opportunity to make color selection easier.


Yes, that is an interesting prospect. I wonder if it uses the same controller SDK as the physical hardware.

Yes, it all gets routed on programmed through the Tangent Mapper.

Just had the chance to download Si 2021 and see my image on my Flanders via DeckLink, and it was glorious!