Delete a "range of tracked frames"

Is there a way to delete a section of “analysed” frames ? other than “delete all”

I have a momentary occlusion 1-2 fr’s of a planes features and rather then bother with the whole roto / subtract methodology for two frames I would rather do what I do in nuke which would be to delete the frames where the “occlusion” drags the track out of position and then pickup again right after the feature becomes good again and let the “bad” fr’s just be interpolated ?

I’m not finding a way in Mocha to delete the actual analysis itself separate from the spline keyframes ?


You can do this in the dope sheet. If you’re using a much older version of mocha, you might not see the dope sheet, but if you’re in a newer version go to view>dope sheet and you should gain access to your keyframes.