Delete keyframe?

Hi, at the end of the timeline i have 2 sq keyframes near each other, i’d like to delete one but all it does it delete the whole emitter?

Perhaps the + could become a - as in most keyframe setups?


This is a bug in 2022.5 – you should be able to Cmd-click (Mac) or Ctrl-click (Windows) on the position key in the Stage to delete it.

Thanks for reporting the problem!

(We also have plans to change the “+” button to a “-” when at the key too – sometime in a future release)

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Hi, nope that doesn’t work, you used to get a msg on the preview when hovering over a point (Ctrl+click/delete) to delete, can’t remember if it said click or delete in the brackets,
All that happens now ids the red green arrows appear when Ctrl+click & Ctrl+ delete removes the emitter completely.
Also Alt+click used to make the Bezier handles work independently, now Alt click just makes the same red green arrows appear

PS this is standalone but it’s the same on the BCC plugin

We’ve got a maintenance release coming out soon that will fix both of those issues.

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Thanks :+1: