Delete shape crashes PI?

Hi, i was experimenting with Image sequences, there’s 2 I decided weren’t any good so tried to delete them,
PI crashed when i tried to do this (a few times) so i’ve deleted those images from their folder but the shapes still appear in the PI window & still crash PI when i try to delete them, PC has been cleaned & restarted several times since i created these shapes.?
How can i clean up these ‘ghosts’?

PI imports them into the library so deleting the images won’t do anything (as you saw).

Try adding another image to the library, just a single frame though. Then see if you can delete the ones you don’t want.

Another idea is to actually use those unwanted sprites/shapes in a junk emitter that you add to the Custom library. What’s happening when you click the “delete shape” button is PI checks to see if any emitters use those images, then shows a message asking to confirm the deletion. Since you’re not seeing the message I assume it’s having issues when checking emitters.

(I haven’t tried either of these things yet)

Since you haven’t modified the Custom library you could just close PI, delete the Custom.il3 library, then reinstall PI (or Continuum, whichever you have). That will restore the original Custom library.


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We have identified a potential issue with deleting shapes from a library. Thanks for pointing this out!

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