Delete Spline Points?

I used an x-spline to track a surface. I now want to create a matte for an object within that larger surface. That tracking spline and the object have lots of points in common, but there are lots of tracking spline points that I don’t need. So I’d like to use the spline points used for tracking data, but I don’t want to have to pull those points to fit the smaller object.

Can i delete any of the spline points I used for tracking to lessen how many points I have to keep dragging onto the object? It’s a hard track and so lots of rotoscoping.


You can select points on the spline using the marquee tool or shift-select and delete them using the backspace key, but I think there’s a better approach to this situation. Your best bet is to make another layer for the second object, and use Link to Track to parent it to your tracking layer. If you watch this video from around 18:00 you’ll see an example of how to do it:

Getting Started with Mocha – 08 – Rotoscoping Basics

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