Deleting/adjusting key frames messes up all the other keyframes

I’m using Mocha AE version 8.0.4.

Those keyframes you’re deleting are for the spline track not the Planer Surface which is the bit that moves in your vid, The spline track doesn’t look like it moves but I’m sure Mary or whoever answers will want more info than that.

Keyframes should be the untouchable holy grail. Yet, Deleting, creating, adjusting and sometimes tracking constantly messes up some or all the other keyframes, even in manual track mode.

This software is unusable.

I think it’s amazing & works really well,
Maybe you need to learn how to use it better before you declare it ‘Unusable’, how many of the Tutorial vids have you watched

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The problem isn’t tutorials or how good it is when it works. The problem is when it doesn’t work it’s unusable. Please let me know what what tutorial I should watch so that Mocha stops editing my keyframes

I would suggest you watch them all, inc the Mocha Pro ones & the ones for other hosts besides AE, i don’t believe there is one video that covers everything,
Mocha should be able to track the picture automatically without problem,
so post a longer video showing what you’re trying to do & why you’ve chosen manual tracking,
then some one with more experience will be able to help you.

The reason is that tracking works for a bit and then gets misaligned, that is not an issue, the footage is blurry so that is expected. However, if I then try to align that one keyframe ALL of the keyframes get messed up. The reason why I’m using manual track is because it’s one that works most of the time around this issue, if I use auto then it’s impossible for me to edit my tracking data

I think you are having a fundamental misunderstanding of the differences between the surface (what the track is doing and how it exports) and the shape (where the track is looking and what matte it exports).

The reason manual track might be working for you is that the shape follows what the track is doing, so as you adjust the manual track, you are also adjusting the shape.

You really need to watch the first section of the Mocha training or dive into the user manual. Mocha isn’t editing your track, you’re likely just tracking over the same section by leaving the gear on.

I understand you are frustrated, but I want you to know that frustration can ease up with learning how the software works and not assuming how it works. You can either find our in depth training material here: Boris FX | Training Series

Or you can find our documentation here: Boris FX | Mocha® 2022 User Guide

Or, if REALLY pressed for time, you can find a quick start guide here (ignore the importing footage part since you’re using the plugin): Boris FX

Make sure you have precomped your footage if you aren’t using a clip with a start and end point visible in the timeline, as in, don’t use a clip with heads and tails that are off the timeline or your data won’t line up with AE layers properly without precomping and trimming the clip to the precomp length.

I think with some fundamentals, you will be much happier. Please let me know if you have any more questions after reviewing this material and I will help you.