Deleting roto'ed pixels?

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I was wondering if it was possible to delete pixels that are rotoed out in a final render using silhouette. An analogy would be similar if using photoshop to “creating a new document”, from a selected group of pixels; so as to only retain only the selected pixels in the new document and delete all the other pixels; the dimensions of the original composition are maintained while doing this; you just get the pixels that you selected.

The issue is, I did a roto of a JPEG sequence using silhouette and rendered to an alpha preserving format but the rotoed pixels are all still in the document they are just hidden by the alpha; I want only the rotoed pixels to be preseved and everything else to be completely gone while preserving the composition dimensions.

Is there a way to successfully do this??



You could add a Composite > Premultiply node after the Roto node and the non-rotoed pixels will disappear.

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Great thanks for the fast response Marco I will try that!!

Appreciate it,